Wednesday, 10 December 2008

11 December, Avent 1, Moving Magic, Nurgish Watkins

‘Hold it right there,’ she shouted. Like we were going anywhere, we were too shocked to move.
Within fifteen minutes we were at school and Mr Kemp, our headmaster, decided I should go home with Mum for the rest of the day, which seemed a pretty harsh punishment for half an hour up the town.
‘Have you done that before?’ Mum asked on the drive home. Her mouth was such a tight line she could barely get the words out.
She didn’t seem to take much notice of my answer for she said. ‘I’m glad we’re moving. That Frankie Mason is a bad influence on you,’ which was an unforgivable thing to say and I really hated her then.
Back home in my bedroom I slumped on my bed staring at the stars that Dad and I had carefully stencilled on the ceiling. I squashed my face into my pillow and howled. I’d never felt so miserable. Suddenly I heard my name being called, well shouted actually.
‘Lucy! Lucy, would you shut your noise?’

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