Wednesday, 3 December 2008

4 December, Advent 4, A. J. Humphrey, I borrowed a Poltergeist

“If this place is practically deserted,” I mused as I perched on the end of the bed and pulled off my boots, “how come they stuck us in the smallest room in the place?”
“We only got what we paid for,” she replied from through the doorway into the en-suite. “Anyway, what are you complaining about? You could get the court of King Caractacus in this bathroom!”
Lucy was right. Although the bedroom was small and narrow, dominated by the sturdy double bed on which I was perching, the bathroom – inlaid with black and white mottled marble, with polished brass rails – was little short of palatial. I could almost imagine a movie star of yesteryear, draping herself becomingly in the magnificent stone bath. Lucy was plucking her eyebrows in front of the mirror, possibly aiming for something of that old sophisticated glamour herself. I was now down to bare feet and had abandoned my tie, letting it fall in a heap on the edge of the bed. At least, that’s what I thought I had done with it. When I looked again, not half a minute later, it was neatly folded and resting on my pillow.

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